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1963 Dodge Polara GRAMATAN DODGE

Thomas De Lello writes:

Does anyone reading this know anything about the history or whereabouts of 1963 Dodge Polara that ran in SS/A class back in 1963 and beyond? It was white, with red lettering, had the sponsorship of GRAMATAN DODGE in Mt. Vernon N.Y. It ran at Dover Drag Strip, Lebanon Valley and at Westhampton in L.I. They also took it to Indy for the Nationals in '64.

It's original owner was Bobby Gallagher from Yonkers, N.Y. Bobby lost interest in after about one year and was run by Jay Broderick of New Rochelle, N.Y, and with the Rickman Brothers as crew ( my neighbors ) during the time of both ownerships.

It had "Let's Went" painted on the deck lid, ( a signature phrase of "Pancho", the side kick of the "Cisco Kid's" from the old TV serial...early 50's ) and under Jay Broderick it ran the number: 07 painted behind the rear side window.

Also, one of the places it ran was Connecticut Dragway in East Haddan, Conn.

It would be so cool for me to find out as much as I could about what happened it after all these years....Anybody...???

Update 2006

Larry Nutson writes: Bobby Gallagher’s 1963 Dodge was an all steel car with a Stage II wedge and was partially sponsored by Gramatan Dodge of Mt. Vernon NY. That car was run one season by Bobby and was very successful due to the combination of methodical preparation and his lightning fast reaction time as a driver. The team running the car was four friends, Bobby, Rick Rickman, Richie Klatt and Larry Nutson. At the end of 1963 we split up and Bobby sold the car, to whom I don’t remember. Bobby moved to Florida. Probably the best et for this car was a 12.2 seconds.

A new team was formed in 1964 out of Gramatan Dodge by Jay Broderick, Rick Rickman, his brother Ron Rickman, and Larry Nutson with a different 1963, a Ramcharger auto show car purchased from Chrysler Corp. Jay, Rick and Ron owned the car and had a parts-sponsorship from Dodge PR in New York and support from Gramatan Dodge. Larry built the engine and led the prep on the car. This car was run for 2 years, won the NHRA NE region points in 1965, a tie with Tasca Ford, and was then sold to someone in Ohio. The best et for this car in SS/A was about 11.7 seconds and 126 mph.

In 1966 the team got a new Dodge Coronet street hemi that ran AS/A.

Update Response

Big surprise to hear from Larry Knutson. Larry and I rode out to the Westhampton Drag Strip in Bobby’s Dodge as it was being flat towed. Me riding shotgun. That was before Bobby painted any lettering on it and hadn’t had the engine “blueprinted” yet. It only ran in the low 13 seconds that day. It had some lettering painted on it with some sloppy looking stuff that you could wash off.

Last I heard Larry moved out to the Detroit area and was working for Volkswagen.
Sounds like a good one Tom!

Let us know what you find out!   smile!

RE UPDATE: Thanks to Larry Nutson for the great information!

Gary H.

April 15, 2002; revised April 11, 2006

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