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1964 Plymouth Fury

Tom writes:

My son and I are refurbishing a 1964 Plymouth Fury 4 door hardtop.

1964 Plymouth Fury

I am the 3rd owner, originally sold in California, but it was willed to my wife's grandparents who drove it for several years, then the car was willed to my wife and I.

The interior is original and in great shape. The engine is also original and runs beautifully.

But the previous elderly owners did some body damage to the vehicle. We have searched high and low and have had no luck in locating replacement trim parts.

The specific parts that I need are: 1) Chrome trim molding for the right front fender, 2) the front grill, 3) the chrome molding on the front of the has the word "Plymouth" on it, 4) the chrome Fury emblem for the trunk lid, 5) and a complete weatherstripping kit, including window channels, door stoppers, trunk weather-stripping, also there was some weather-stripping under rear bumper on edge of rear fenders.

Anyone who has or can locate trim for our baby please help!

This is a beautiful car, with just a part here and there this will be a treasure.

Quite a family treasure, indeed, Tom!

I'm sure the "parts hounds" viewing this page will help out finding what you need. :-)

Keep us posted, please.

Gary H.

November 21, 2001

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