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Repairing 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Door Hinges

Mark writes: I own a Mopar C-body / 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury. I could not find a supplier or rebuild shop to purchase or get repaired the door hinges in my Mopar. The pins appeared good but the bushings had some slop in them. I had contacted the parts suppliers that work on or supply hinge pin and bushings but no one that I talked with make parts for my 1965 Sport Fury.

I contacted Gary at the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web Site and he pointed out that there is a lot of confusion by the Mopar vendors about pre-1966 Mopars. That is, at times the vendors do not list 1962 to 1965 Mopars in their parts listings, even though the parts do really exist. For example, a part listed as a 1966 part may also fit 1965 or earlier but the vendors are often not aware of the interchange for pre-1966 Mopars. He referred me to SMS Auto Restoration and Superbird Bob listed on the vendor’s page. They rebuild door hinges for A B and E body Mopars.

I talked with Superbird Bob about the bushings for the 1965 Sport Fury and he refered me to Fastenal.com. I ordered the SF-1014-8 bushing since they measured .0001 less in all measurement areas of the worn bushings. While waiting for these to arrive I went out and purchased Dorman kit #38381 and 38382 to see if they would work, since Dorman did not list my 1965 Plymouth.

Upon arrival and inspection I found the pin diameter to be the same and one of the two pins to be the correct length and the other could be cut down. I slipped the Dorman bushings on the pins and they were sloppy. The flange bushings arrived from Fastenal and a lot of reaming would be required to make those work. I figured I would try the Doramn bushing to see how bad they really were once together.

After I installed them they squeezed close enough that the pins once installed were nice and tight! I would say these kits are the ticket for sloppy 1965 Fury and Sport Fury door hinges, The only down side would be cutting one of the pins down.

Contact Mark: 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury contact owner

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June 9, 2013

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