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1964 Ramchargers Decal

In 1964, I attended a drag race at Connecticut dragway. I recall it was a big event, with several of the nationally campaigned cars there. Tasca Ford's Thunderbolt beat the Ramchargers Dodge that day, so I wrote to the Ramchargers expressing support and wishing them better luck next time.

In the mail I received this decal from the Ramchargers team. On the back of the decal, written in longhand in pencil, it says:

Dear Gary, ask Tasca how he made out when he ran Ramchargers at NHRA 64 Nationals @ Indianapolis. R.C.

Ramchargers Decal

Tasca refers to Tasca Ford's 1964 Ford Thunderbolt that evidentially was a Ramcharger victim at the '64 Nationals.

The decal was manufactured by Del Printed Products, 3147 Logan Road, Chicago 47, ILL.

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