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2008 Curt George Memorial Mopar Drag Racing

Stephen “Chick” Andrachek writes: Every year in June they run and pay money for three days in June. That’s right, they have a full race with money paid on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The best part of it is that it is an all MOPAR show. It is held in New Alexandria, PA, in SW PA. The strip used to be called “Keystone” but now it is called Pittsburgh Raceway Park.

Curt George was the son of noted area racer Bob George. Curt was killed at a construction site. Kurt was Bob’s son and Bob sets the weekend up every year in June. Below are some pictures from 2008. Notes: Kurt George’s car is still kept running. Nice 1965 here. Thor runs in the 10’s with his 1962 Dodge. Every time the announcer sees a 1962 Dodge pull up to the tree he always says how ugly they are. Beauty is in the eye o f the beholder. I have a 1962 Dodge and I always feel insulted when that joker says those words. The 1963 Plymouth won a trophy for best Nostalgic Race Car. It was on the track for the first time that day.

1964 Plymouth - Maxine 1963 Plymouth
1965 Plymouth - Bob George 1964 Plymouth - Drag'n Wagon
1965 Plymouth - Mr 5 and 50 1962 Dodge

Thanks Stephen!   smile!

June 10, 2011

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