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1964 Dodge in Torii Station, Okinawa

Bob in Sacramento, CA writes: This photo was taken “back in the day” at Torii Station, on Okinawa, where I served three years of my enlistment. Picture the car in Army Green. Sorry about that Chevy. Obviously suitable for civilian duty only! Mopar 1964 Dodge in Torii Station, Okinawa
Photographer unknown for now: I’ve been trying to recall where I found that picture. I believe it was on one of many Army Security Agency or Okinawa related sites. I'll let you know if I locate the site so we can credit the photographer. If anyone knows the source send it to contact Gary
Thanks Bob!  smile!

(Note: We assume it is a Government photograph and thus not copyrighted. We will remove the photograph if we learn otherwise.)
March 29, 2008

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